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An Assembly of Gentleman

Retirement of Thomas Davies, who was senior Blast Furnace manager at South Bank Furnaces. Seated in the middle of other officials. He was living at Cleveland House in the 1911 census, and came from Merthyr to Bolckow Vaughan’s Works.

Image courtesy of Alan Richardson.

Last Train

Loftus Station on the last day of through passenger services to Scarborough on the Coast Line, May 1958.

Image courtesy of Alan Richardson

Lots of Cups

Mr Paul Redway is presenting Brian Cook with a beautiful cup, but what is it for and who are the other men with their cups and what are they for. HELP is definitely needed. Left to right: ??, ??, Brian Cook, Jack Harrison, Colin Sherwood, Paul Redway. Geoff Bailey advised: “I used to live next door to Paul Redway. He lived with his wife, daughter and two sons in the white cottage 98 Belmangate, Guisborough.”

Image courtesy of Dave McGill; thanks to Bob Doe for the names and to Geoff Bailey for the update.

That’s a Big One Harold

Another shield for the Ambulance section or so I am presuming, Geoff Patton tells us: ”These men were all Safety and Rescue personel as well as the First Aiders; I think they were all in the St John’s Ambulance as well”. Terry Robinson added: “Alec Cuthbert (Senior), on the right.” The names we now know are: Jack Tool, Albert Atkinson, Harold Found, Alec Cuthbert (Senior).

Image courtesy of Dave McGill, thanks to Terry Robinson and Geoff Patton for the updates.

All Smiles

The gentlemen are being presented with something making them smile, but what are the receiving and can you help?
Left to right: Mr Howe, Walter Wedgewood, Percy Marshall, ??.

Image courtesy of Dave Mcgill.

Boulby Alum Quarry

The remains of the alum quarry at Boulby, although the pyramid shape at the top of the photograph is such a prominent feature of this part of the site, it is not in fact anything special. It appears to be sitting on top of a general quarrying level but is only composed of earth and stones from above the alum shale layer. It is a tip of overburden dumped here to allow the sandstone from beneath its original position to be removed and thus expose the alum shale. It has probably been a larger tip originally which has been eroded to its current distinctive shape. It was probably formed by building out a wooden gantry from the cliff face so that the removed material could be dumped well clear of the intended quarry face.

Image courtesy of Alan Richardson and information kindly supplied by Simon Chapman.

Does This Hurt?

Possibly the same First Aid competition. Yet again we are lost for names, place and occassion. Can you assist. George Brown tells us: ”Is far right Des Want?”

Image courtesy of Dave McGill and thanks to George Brown for that update.


A presentation of cheques, but we have no information as to event, location or what the cheques are for? We can identify at the far right Arthur Hawkins (Invoice Manager) and Eddie Yeoman receiving a cheque; far left Ron Mildon. Ron Milner (Security) centre with cheque? The Archive asked: “Can any one help with further information.” Colin Verrill suggested: “My guess, it was something to do with the St John Ambulance Brigade as Albert Atkinson and Eddie Yeoman and maybe Arthur Young were all involved with the Saint Johns Ambulance Brigade.” Colin also advised: “Far left is Ron Mildon; far right is Albert Atkinson. Can’t see Arthur Hawkins on the picture and he was my boss in the Invoice Department in 1973/74.” Bob Doe assisted with: “Far right Arthur Hawkins, Invoice Manager and Ron Milner.” Whilst Brian Young assisted with: “Far left . Ron Milner worked on security. Second left Arthur Young (Union Rep.), third Bob King (Works Manager).”

Presentation group: Ron Mildon, Arthur Young (Union Rep.), Bob King, ??, Ron Milner (Security), Eddie Yeoman, ??, Arthur Hawkins (Invoice Manager). If our viewers can assist in ensuring the right names in the right place; please get in contact.

Image courtesy of Dave McGill and thanks to Bob Doe, Brian Young, and Colin Verrill for the updates.

First Aid Competition

We are completely stumped! We need help with names, when and where?

Bob Doe tells us: ”Jon Shelley with glasses kneeling at back. Used to be a security man at  BSC Skinningrove.”

Image courtesy of Dave McGill and thanks to Bob Doe for the update.

Claphow Lane 1940’s

Claphow bridges in the 1940s, I would not advise walking along the road in this manner today. It is now known that the two ladies are: ”Two sisters (left to right); Joan and Emily Greensitt whose family owned a guest house on Marine Parade, Saltburn. The image was taken of them taking a leisurely stroll through the Claphow bridges about 1940”
Image courtesy of Owen Rooks and additional information courtesy of Lingdale Communigate site.