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Tight Fit

A tight fit for the Lamberton under Kilton Bridge in 1950, as the new equipment was being transported into Skinningrove Works via the most practicable route possible. Dave Jackson tell us: ”The machine in the image a Lamberton RSM was scrapped in December 2008. It was replaced by a new Danieli RSM manufactured in Udinese Italy and this was installed Jan 2009.” David Park has enquired: “Hello, fascinating site which I happened across. Would you possibly have any details of how the Danieli RSM arrived back in 2009 please? In a previous employment an Italian freight company approached us about delivering it, but it became clear they had ignored warnings that the bridge over the railway was unsuitable for the weight! I came to Skinningrove works to try come up with a solution, but we fell out with the Italian firm due to their desperate attitude. Thanks in advance.” Can anybody assist with this query?

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson; thanks to Dave Jackson and Andy Park for the updates.

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  • Dave Jackson

    Answer for David Park.

    The new RSM was shipped to Teesport and then placed on a special multi axle trailer, if I remember correctly it was longer than an average trailer with approximately 10 / 12 axles to spread the load. All of the axles were steerable using a remote control unit operated by the haulier.

    A civil engineer had confirmed that the bridge could take the load if we used this trailer and it was inspected / surveyed prior to the crossing and again afterwards which confirmed that no damage occurred (Skinningrove would have been liable for any repair costs)

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