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Rosecroft Athletics Team 1973

Back row: Ken Danby, Dave Hodgson, Paul Cuthbert, D. Jackson, Brian Fletcher, Derek Knight, Dave Batchelor, Richard Grant, Billy Baldwin, Colin Hart, David Cuthbert.

Third row: Steven Gallilee, Colin Locker, Robert Taylor, Steve Gale, Jonathan Archer, Kevin Gates, John Rigg, Peter Jones, Ricky Halton, Brian Barritt, Terry Shaw.

Second row: Ken Crooks, R. Bell, Paul Morrison, Chris Lindsey, John Nicholson, Ian Sykes, Rob Smith, Brian Allinson, Victor Hicks.

Front row: Andrew Drinkhall, Mark Preston, Malcolm White, Richard O’Cain, Steve Harding, Neil Jameson, Colin Harrison, Colin Dixon.

Image and names courtesy of Colin Hart, thanks Mark Preston for the names update.

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