Loftus County Modern School Band (c.1962)

Loftus County Modern School Band believed to be on Coronation Road, Loftus; about 1962. Raymond Brown says: ”I can still name a few of the Gents/Lads on the picture but some names I’m afraid have gone after so many years.
From right to left up the nearest side: Arthur Stone (Band leader), Tony Patton, Ian Legg, Keith ?, ??, Geoff Robinson, Mike Robinson.
The gentleman on the far left (with flat cap) is Henry Rawlins, to his right is ? Ferguson and leading the band on the march is the School caretaker Mr. Mead (never knew his Christian name), closely followed by Richard Webster, I’m in there somewhere on the Tenor Horn – someone out there will no doubt add some more names. As you can see the amount of lads that are ”out of step” we needed some ”Square Bashing” and Mr. Mead soon knocked us into shape on the parade ground – THE SCHOOL YARD!!!!”

Image and notation courtesy of Raymond Brown.

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