Moorsholm Hotel

This image provoked many comments when first posted. A grand building at Moorsholm, shown in a sad condition, was intended to be a hotel, part of the proposed station buildings on Paddy Waddles Railway; which would run from Kilton Junction to Glaisdale and relics of this incomplete line can still be traced along the route. It was demolished in 1988. At the other end of the street was The Plough, later renamed ‘Toad Hall’ with a considerable reputation as a fine dining pub; closing in 2020 to become a private house. Ann Jackson told us: ”The house was owned by the Marsay family. My great grandad James Jackson was a stone mason and worked on Paddy Waddell’s Railway”. Lois Johnson queried: “My great grandfather, Daniel Johnson, lived in ‘Johnson’s Terrace’ in Moorsholm – that’s how I read the 1901 census handwriting. Can anyone tell me where this is? Is it what I see referred to as ‘Johnson’s Square’, which I believe is up the High Street on the right?” Ann Johnson assisted with: “Johnson’s Square is on the right at the bottom of the village just after a set of farm troughs called ‘Moorsholm Docks’. Johnson’s Square was built by David Johnson and his family. My great Aunt Margaret Ellen (nee Jackson) married David Johnson ‘junior”. Sara Johnson advised Ann with: “I believe we share distant family. Your great Aunt Margaret Ellen Jackson married my great great Uncle David Johnson”, and asked further Johnson family history questions. Pat Stearman entered the discussions with: “My great great grandparents (John and Margaret Dale) lived at 19 for 50 plus years until c.1932, when my great great grandfather died. I remember being told about ‘Moorsholm docks’ as a child and my great grandmother Ada Dale (nee Hodgson) has a very elaborate cross in the churchyard”. Ann Jackson added: ” My Jacksons came from Ribblehead to Easington where their father worked on building the Loftus to Whitby line. The docks are well known. I remember getting frogspawn out of them”.  Rachael Armstrong (nee Marsay) tells us: ”I have been looking into my family history which has lead me to this page. This was My Great Grandparents home, My Grandfather George Marsay and his brothers Tommy, Monty, Joy and Lawrence were all brought up in the village. I had heard the family talk about Hillock House but it was demolished when I was very young. It is really lovely to see what it looked like.” Karen Atkinson advises: “Adamson Johnson was my great grandfather!”
Image courtesy of Eric Johnson and thanks to Ann Jackson, Pat Stearman, Rachael Armstrong and Karen Atkinson for the comments and updates. Many thanks to Terry Hatton for the update on both the Moorsholm Hotel and Toad Hall.

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  • Ann Jackson

    The house looks nice from the front and side but if you went round the back it wasn’t finished it was bricked up. You could see where the extensions would have been added.
    I knew a Laurence Marsay if it is the same person his son David still lives at Moorsholm.

  • Alan Norman Jackson (Prefer Norman than Alan

    Hello Ann, it is quite possible that we have communicated before. My name is (in full) Alan Norman Jackson and my father was George Alan Jackson who returned from WW2 with a disability (total hearing loss). I was in Yorkshire about 2 years ago (came all the way from Western Australia) to trace the whereabouts of my father given that my parents separated back in 1950. We lived with my grandparents John T and Eliza A Jackson in Port Mulgrave # 8 Long Row. They are both resting in peace in the cemetery in Port Mulgrave. When I visited their resting place I was very disappointed to see that there was no plate or other recognition of their resting place.
    Since then I have been trying to trace my ancestors and way back in the 1901 Census I came across John Jackson (born 1858), his wife was Hannah Jackson (born 1861) and they had (from this census) 7 children with one of them being John T Jackson who I suspect would be my grandfather.

    I would dearly love to hear from you or anyone who may have some information.

    In advance, many thanks for any information

  • Ann Jackson

    Hi Norman yes we have communicated before. My Jackson family are from Moorsholm and prior to that Kendall. Sorry it’s not a match

  • janice

    Is the house still standing?

  • janice

    Sorry I didn’t read the script. If it was called Hillock House then it has been demolished.

  • Ann Jackson

    It was demolished many years ago Janice as it fell into disrepair. It was replaced with new houses on the site .

  • Terry Hatton

    Just to let you know the pub was demolished in1988 and never actually opened as a pub.I owned Toad Hall previously known as The Plough which was situated at the end of village from 1988 till 2020 when I sold it as a private house
    Terry Hatton

  • Susan Brown

    My second great grandparents Margaret and John Brotton are buried in Moorsholm Church. Does any one remember the family?

  • Ann Jackson

    Hi Susan Margaret Brotton nee Shaw was my Great Great Grandma. Her son Robert Watson Shaw was my great Grandad. Margaret was born in Great Ayton. Ann

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