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Saltburn from the Air – 3

A further postcard view by Photocrom Co. Ltd, Zetland Terrace is clearly visible as well as the western side of Hilda Place. However neither Bristol Avenue or Exeter Street have been built; as the card is unused, again assistance with dating would be much appreciated!

Image courtesy of Julie Tyrka.

3 comments to Saltburn from the Air – 3

  • Sam

    Interesting photo. As noted, the western side of Hilda Place is visible but not the East side and here there may be a clue!! At the top of Hilda place at the junction of Windsor Road there appears to be a house under construction. This is almost certainly 34 Windsor Road which was built and completed in 1920. 34 Windsor Road was also the home of BBC Nationwide television presenter Michael Barrett born 1928 although I do not know the years he occupied it. He decided to take another look at his original home when he came to Saltburn with the BBC Nationwide Train to conduct a live programme from Saltburn with Mike Neville, BBC Look North Presenter in 1977.

  • Gill

    Really interesting photo but are you sure Exeter Street is not there?

  • Ruth

    I believe you can see the west side of Hilda Place, the east side of Hilda Place and Bristol Avenue are still to be built. So the houses on the other side of the grassed area will be the back of Exeter Street.

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