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Initially just a photograph of Boulby Cliffs, but the worked stone appears man-made. Eric Johnson who took the image and explained it is part of the Alum workings which feature on an earlier post. Jill Etheridge tells us: “Most interesting to me, especially as I live outside the area. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was the Alum Agent to Lord Dundas in the early 1800s and died in Loftus in 1816.” Peter Appleton assists with: “Jill’s great-great-great-grandfather would have been William Usher, who was Sir Thomas Dundas’ agent from December 1803 until at least 1808 and possibly later. His will was proven in the Prerogative Court at York for the sum of £800. William had been preceded by James Bathgate, who had been the Estate’s book-keeper but was temporarily promoted to agent during a brief “inter-regnum” between the death of John C Waller (buried 3rd October 1803)and the arrival in post of William Usher c.3rd December 1803.”

Image and information courtesy of Eric Johnson; thanks to Jill Etheridge and Peter Appleton for the interesting comments.

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  • Craig Machan

    It would be interesting to here from the contributors as we have a common ancestor in William Usher. He had a son George who moved to Whitby and had a reasonably large family. I am descended from William b1826.
    Kind regards, Craig

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