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The Zetland from Glenside and the entrance to Valley Gardens

The Zetland from Glenside

This Frith’s postcard view of what is today called The Zetland, is of the former Zetland Hotel; viewed from the entrance to the Valley Gardens on Glenside dates from the 1950s, externally little has changed today. The Hotel is no more and the building is now luxury apartments with stupendous views; although further developments have taken place to the rear of the building. Proposed as a luxury railway hotel by Henry Pease the founder of Saltburn, to promote the resort, it was built 1861 to 1863. Over the years the fortunes of the hotel and the resort declined and by the early 1970s the number of visitors to the town had dropped substantially. Many hotels struggled to survive and had to close. Eventually, the Zetland Hotel also closed in 1983 and was converted into apartments in 1989.

Image courtesy of Iris Place.

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