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The Thurlows, Boulby Barns Farm

This family group was taken in about 1910 at Boulby Barns Farm.  John and Isabel Thurlow are seated, second right and second left, surrounded by their two sons and seven daughters.  Georgina is third from the left, at the back, and the child seated in front is Amy, one of their granddaughters.  Can someone tell us any more about the family and why they have all got together for the photograph?

It is known that the daughters were Mary Ann, Bessie, Lucy Sarah, Barbara, Ada and Georgina.

Anne Codling (great granddaughter of Ada Thurlow) tells us: ”The two sons would be Henry and Christopher. From tracing the family tree, Edwin died in 1881. If this was taken in 1910, this would have been taken the year after my grandfather was born, Edwin (son of Ada and Matthew Codling).” John and Isabel had a third son, Edwin, who had died in 1881.

Diane Crosby-Browne tells us: ”Dinah Thurlow born 1802, was at the farm in 1841 census with husband Mark Hall before they moved to Craggs House, Brotton. Dinah’s father was James Thurlow abt 1776 and mother, Isabella Mawson.”

Peter Appleton assists with further information on the Thurlows: “James Thurlow (1776-1856) was described as “Agent” in the Marriage Register entry for his son, Thomas’s marriage to Martha Clark in 1839. This could mean that he was the Agent for the Boulby Alum Works, a role which needed filling after the deaths of George Dodds snr. in 1833 and George Dodds jnr. in 1837. Thomas Thurlow (1813-1895) was described as “Clerk to the alum works” on the baptism entries for each of his children.
If any descendants of either James or Thomas would like more information, please ask the Archive to pass your contact details to me.

Image and information courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson; also thanks to Anne Codling, Diane Crosby-Browne and Peter Appleton for updates.

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    I am a descendant (great-granddaughter) of Bessie Thurlow and would love to be able to find out more, I do remember, Amy from my early childhood while she lived in Loftus, as Grace was my grandmother.

  • Peter Codling

    Georgina Thurlow is my Great Grandmother….it’s amazing to see a photo of her looking so young along with the larger family including Great Great Grandparents

  • Julie Anne Humphrey Frantz

    Georgina and Ada married brothers Thomas Codling ( married Georgina) and Matthew Codling (married Ada).the brothers are the siblings of my great grandmother Mary Jane Codling (Married James Theaker Humphrey).

  • Andrew Thurlow

    My Grandfather was Edward 1903, son of Christopher Thomas. I have a picture of Christopher and a twenty something Edward and one of Christopher holding my father, Bill – William, as a baby. If anyone has any more pictures of Christopher and His children would be great appreciated.

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