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Carlin How Working Men’s Club

Carlin How Workingman’s Club and shop (long gone) on Brotton Road. Derick Pearson advised: “This photograph is I believe 1911 to 1912. The railings and oping stones still not complete indicating job not quite finished. Hence the guess at the date as the club opened in 1911. Also visible are Blaylock’s house, shop and outbuildings on bottom end of Maynard Street, these was taken down in the 1960s to make the bend easier for the larger buses.”

Roger Barwick advises us: ”My grandad Harold Bowling was probably the first steward at Carlin How club. He moved from the old soldiers club in Hemsworth in West Yorkshire when my Mam was 1-2 years old and she was born in 1910, he eventually became the landlord of The Maynard Arms but I am not sure when he took the pub over. Quite a number of people may remember my Uncle Harold or Tim as he was known who joined the Police and was awarded the BEM for work he did when he was stationed at Staithes.”
Brian Stonehouse tells us: ”My sister (Sheila) was born on 9th April 1932 in the Clubhouse next door (originally no.4 Brotton Road, but now no.1!) I was born 22nd October 1934 so my dad George Wilfred and my mum Gladys Constance Stonehouse must have become Steward/Stewardess before 1932. My dad died 17th September 1935 and my mum continued as Stewardess until November 1953 having been given splendid support by committee members (especially Jos Husband, George Brown, John Cush, George Elders and others (I cannot remember all their names). Toy Mott helped behind the bar and Bob Butterworth helped doing the unpleasant jobs around the club like the boiler, the toilets, etc. (I used to help him clean the spitoons with the wrapper from a Woodbine 5 pack as he had a disabled hand!).

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre and others, thanks to Derick Pearson, Roger Barwick and Brian Stonehouse for the updates.

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