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Carlin How Club 50 Years Jubilee

Yes I know we have already got this photograph, but it doesn’t have the souvenir with it; each member was given cheques to the value of ten shillings.  For those among us who don’t remember the ’old money’ that today  is fifty pence and the Club could stop open until 11p.m. WOW!  But I do remember going to the barbeque (now you are not going to believe this but they had kippers); think how we used to dance, boys holding the girls with hands around their waist,  greasy hands smelling of kippers! Lovely. Derick Pearson advises: “This was a copy of a photograph taken from the brochure I have, and the Jubilee photograph was for the years 1911 to 1951. So 2011 would be the Jubilee 100 years.”

Image and information courtesy of Derick Pearson, thanks also for the update.

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