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Four Handsome Posers

The Codling brothers in an obvious family portrait which was known to include Isaac (who was killed in the ironstone mines), we knew that we did not have them in the correct order, Anne Bland has assisted with: ”Richard, Isaac and Thomas standing and Matthew seated I believe. My handsome great uncles.”

Christine Whittaker adds:” I believe that these young men were the sons of Thomas Codling 1861-1931 and Margaret Cowl 1865-1921. If that is the case, they were my 5th cousins 2x removed. My paternal grandmother’s family have deep roots at Hutton Rudby (near Stokesley)and it was there that Catherine Billingham Codling 1710-1883 [daughter of Thos. Codling and Melissa ‘Missy’ Billingham] married William ‘Huneman’ {Honeyman] in 1738 and I descend from them. Catherine’s younger brother John Codling 1716-1810 married Isabel Dial/ Duell 1716-1791 [also in Rudby.] John Codling was my 6x great uncle. He and Isabel moved to Roxby to farm and the boys in the photograph are their descendants. The earliest Codlings in my tree appear to have come from Monkwearmouth/Sunderland in the early 1600s. With marriage, Melissa became Honeyman and her family remained in the Hutton Rudby/Yarm area, but the east coast Codlings, having sons, carried on the name. I spent the first 18 years of my life near Middlesbrough where I was born and I loved the coast and walked the moors; staying at Youth Hostels like Westerdale. Student life took me away from the area but I return from time to time. I was aware that I probably had relatives named Codling but knew nothing about them until retirement enabled me to spend time on genealogy. There is a Bland Tree on Ancestry and I wonder if this has a connection to Anne Bland who posted the names of her uncles.”

Mavis Gray assisted with: ” These are my husbands uncles standing from left to right are Matthew, Richard & Thomas Codling and sat is Isaac Codling my husbands mother was Hannah Codling one of their sisters.” Katie Ivy assists with: “William honeyman was my seventh great grandfather and married Catherine Codling”.

Image courtesy of Janet Wilson; many thanks to Anne Bland, Christine Whittaker, Mavis Gray and Katie Ivy for the updates.

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