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Staithes Concert Party

A Staithes School Infant teacher is on the right at the back of this happy group; which as the photograph announces is the “Cheerohs” a concert party from Staithes.

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn.

Staithes Lane Shop

Grace Conn (Raymond Conn’ gradmother) opened her first shop at 39 Staithes Lane. She is pictured standing in the door, the shop appears to also include the Post Office.

Image and information courtesy of Ray Conn.

Shop at Staithes

Grace Conn moved from the small shop in the cottage at one side of Staithes Lane to the larger premises over the road, which later became the Co-op.  She is pictured on the doorstep with her assistant, Muriel Clark. Ann Beckett asks: “Has anyone any information about the owners of the shop – the Shippey family – our cottage in the lower village of Staithes, records members of the Shippey family being resident in the 1911 Census?”

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn; can any one assist Anne Beckett with her searches?

Staithes Postman

After featuring the postman handing mail to Mary Bennison in this photograph, taken in 1922; we were told by Pauline Morrell: “This is Thomas Hansell my great grandad.”

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn and thanks to Pauline Morrell for the update.

Staithes (1900)

Not a very good image but after more than a 100 years what can we expect?  It’s lovely to see the women in their ‘Steers’ bonnets, a tradition long gone now, looks as though they have had a good catch. The lady at the front with back to camera; wearing a black bonnet which signifies she is in mourning for a family member.

Staithes Fishermen

The fish are being auctioned in this photograph, although it doesn’t look like they have had a very good day fishing. C. W. Barker, writing on behalf of her granddad tells us: ” The auctioneer is near definitely Mr James, possibly a first name to follow.”

Image courtesy of Olive Bennett and many thanks to C. W. Barker for the update.

Staithes L.S.A. Company, 1889

The Life Saving Company were responsible for rescues from the shore, firing a line to a vessel in distress.  Other ropes and pulleys were then hauled out to the vessel and the crew brought ashore one by one.  They would be the forerunners of the Coastguard Auxiliary Service. Mr. Conn’s grandfather, Jack Bennison, is standing beside the two men higher up at the back.

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn.

Staithes L.S.A. Company, 1894/5

The members of Staithes rescue company grouped down by the beck or harbour in Staithes. L.S.A.’s were formed in several parts of the country and they would be the forerunners of the Coastguard Auxiliary Service. We have not many names for the members, but Ray Con could tell us Jack Bennison is 3rd from the left on the back row. Can anybody assist with any other names?

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn.