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Ada Codling (nee Thurlow)

This photograph was taken in 1912 or 1913 at Boulby Barns. Ada is pictured with her three sons (little boys wore dresses then). Billy is standing; Ada is holding Teddy (Edwin) and Francis Georgina (Cissy) is sitting in the wonderful pushchair. Carole Armsby tells us: “I think Ada Codling knew my parent Ernie Armsby and Mavis who used to be Coverdale.” Anne Codling told the Archive : “I think Henry was born in 1912, so it must have been taken then.” Whilst Mary Atkinson advised: “The child in the pram is not Henry. It is Francis Georgina (Cissy).”

Image courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson, thanks to Carole Armsby, Anne Codling and Mary Atkinson for the update.

Georgina and Tom Codling

This picture was taken at the front door of Boulby Barns, about 1927; Georgina (nee Thurlow) has their daughter, Isabel, on her knee.  Their son, Denis seems reluctant to have his photograph taken and has turned away from the camera.

Bozz Halliday advises: “This picture is of my great uncle Tom. He is my grandmothers brother. My grandmother was Greta Codling and my mothers maiden name is Lena Dowson.”

Image and information courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson; thanks to Bozz Halliday for the update.

Tom and Georgina Codling

Mike Codling got in touch with us from Australia back in April.  He asked about Ada and Georgina Thurlow in a comment on their picture and then kindly sent these photographs.  Tom and Georgina were his grandparents.  This is a picture of them in the front garden of their Glenfield Terrace house, with their daughter Isabel and elder son Thomas Raymond (Ray); Mike’s father.  In 1959 Ray Codling and his wife and three daughters emigrated to Australia and settled in Brisbane; Mike was born there three years later.

Image and information courtesy of Mike Codling.

Ray Codling at Boulby Barns

Thanks to Mike Codling for this photograph of his father, Thomas Raymond; who grew up in Loftus and used to enjoy holidays at the family farm at Boulby.

Image courtesy of Mike Codling.

Amy Thurlow and Ellen Bainbridge

Amy Thurlow and Ellen Bainbridge at Boulby Barns about 1920.

Image and details courtesy of Owen Rooks.

Amy Thurlow, Flo Fletcher, Ellen Bainbridge

Now we have three ladies; Amy Thurlow, Flo Fletcher and Ellen Bainbridge looking lovely at Whitby about 1920.

Image and information courtesy of Owen Rooks.

Amy Thurlow,Elsie Greensitt Ellen Bainbridge

Once again the photograph is of Amy, Elsie and Ellen; taken about 1930 at the door of Boulby Barns.
Image and details courtesy of Owen Rooks.

Amy Thurlow

Dated about 1930 this image of Amy Thurlow was believed to have been taken at the entrance to Easington Church. Kim Lindley has advised: “Possibly at the entrance to All Saints church, Easington.”
Image and details courtesy of Owen Rooks, thanks to Kim Lindley for the update.

Amy Thurlow.

About 1930 at an unknown location (but possibly in the garden of Boulby Barns Farm) with Bessie on the left and the right Amy. Anne Hindmarsh asked: “Would Amy be Bessie Andersons’s sister they were both Thurlows?” Janet Wilson advised: “I think that the lady on the left is Bessie Anderson (nee Thurlow) who was Amy’s mother.”
Image courtesy of Owen Rooks, also thanks to Anne Hindmarsh and Janet Wilson for the updates.

Amy Thurlow, Ellen Rooks (Bainbridge) and Flo Fletcher

1960 at Scarborough and the three ladies are walking in the sunshine.
Image and names courtesy of Owen Rooks.