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Haytime at Boulby Barns

John Thurlow is sitting on the barrow while one of the younger men is forking the hay off the cart to build the stack. Ann Codling queried: “Does anyone know who the young men are? John had three sons – Henry, Christopher and Edwin (although Edwin died in 1881).

Image courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson and thanks to Ann Codling for the update.

A Group of Ladies

Mrs. Wilson believes that this photograph was probably taken at Boulby Barns. Georgina Codling (Thurlow) is on the left of the back row.  Could Isabel be the little girl in the middle? I wonder what the occasion was, perhaps a birthday?.  The young woman on the left, at the front, is holding a small parcel. 

Image and detail courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson.

Mary Ann Thurlow

Mr. Main sent us this portrait of his grandmother and others, following a recent visit to Loftus and Boulby.  Mary Ann was the eldest daughter of John and Isabella Thurlow of Boulby Barns Farm.  She was born in 1875, he thinks that this portrait was probably taken for her 21st birthday while she was working at Studley Royal, near Ripon, in 1896.

Image courtesy of Gordon Main.

Mary Ann at Studley Royal, 1896

Mr. Main sent us this photograph of his grandmother; Mary Ann Thurlow, aged 21.  It was taken at Studley Royal, near Ripon, when she was in service there.

Image courtesy of Gordon Main.

Mary Ann and her Children

This portrait of Mary Ann Main (nee Thurlow) was taken in 1915 when her husband William was in India with the Border Regiment.  The children are John William (Gordon Main’s father), Henry Christopher and Marjorie Isabel.

Image and information courtesy of Gordon Main.

Gordon Main, 1935

A very young Gordon Main pictured on his Grandfather William Main’s knee, with his cousin, Isabel Codling, at Penrith in 1935.  William Main was Mary Ann Thurlow’s husband.

Image and information courtesy of Gordon Main.

At The Barns – c.1938

Pictured at Boulby Barns Farm (home of the Thurlow family) c. 1938 on the cart is Gordon Main.

Image and information courtesy of Gordon Main.

Mary Ann Main (nee Thurlow)

This portrait of Mary Ann is of the grandmother that Gordon Main knew, probably taken when she was about 70, c. 1945.

Image and information courtesy of Gordon Main.

A Thurlow Lady with Children

Janet Wilson advised the Archive: “I think this lovely studio portrait is probably of  Bessie, an older sister of  Ada and Georgina, with Edwin, Grace and Lucy.  It would have been taken about 1915.” Anne Hindmarsh comments: “How lovely to see these old photographs, I have never seen them before. Grace is my grandmother she was born in 1910 and lived to a couple of months short of 91. I would love to hear from any Thurlow descendants.”

Image courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson and thanks to Anne Hindmarsh for the update.

Ada and Georgina Thurlow

A studio portrait of the two Thurlow sisters, Georgina is on the left and Ada is on the left. They married two brothers; Georgina was the youngest in the family and was born 7th February, 1891. She married Tom Codling (who was born 28th February 1887) on 10th December, 1910. Ada married Matthew Codling and they took over Boulby Barns. Their great granddaughter. Anne Codling tells us: “Matthew died in 1913 and is buried in Great Ayton cemetery. Her grandfather Edwin Thurlow Codling and his brother Billy took over Boulby Barns later on.” Joan Johnson tells us: ”My grandmother was Ada Thurlow who married Matthew Codling. They lived in Great Ayton and had four children Billy, Edwin and  Cissie in Great Ayton (Billy Codling’s name is scratched onto a desk in the Quaker school in Gt Ayton). My grandmother was pregnant with my father Henry when her husband was killed (I think in a mining accident) in 1913 and is buried in Great Ayton cemetery. As she had then no income she had to move back to her parents home at Boulby. Billy and Edwin worked the farm with her after the death of her parents. My father, Henry joined the merchant navy and Cissy married Fred Rigby and lived in Manchester. Their son John was living in part of Boulby Barns a few years ago.”

Anne Bland has provided more information, telling us: ”Margaret Codling lived at Great Ayton in Newton Road with  her husband Dick Bulman. Matthew went to work in the ironstone mines near Cliff Rigg. He lived in Romany Road. The houses in Romany Road had wells in the back garden for water. These became contaminated with typhoid and many Aytonians including Matthew died as a result. The Codling’s are of course descended from the Wake family who were the original Norman Barons who held Great Ayton. It is believed their Manor House was where Ayton Hall is today, so there has always been a strong connection between Great Ayton and this family.” Mavis Gray adds: “My husband Milton is a son of Hannah Codling, his grandparents were Thomas Codling and Margaret (nee Cowl). Great grandfather was Matthew Codling born Roxby. He lived Dalehouse and was married to Elizabeth Fenwick; the Codling family are living Midge Hall farm Roxby in the early 1700’s.”

Patricia Trickett advises: “My family Codling originally came from Staithes and Roxby, although my father John was born at Skinningrove. My grandfather was also John and my great grandfather was Matthew, there are about 13 of my family including Matthew of Dalehouse by Roxby buried in Roxby churchyard. I lost my father John over 20 years ago and he once told me that when he was in school his teacher said the beginning of a poem, like this: “Old Matty Codling had a grey mare, and it was double jointed. He took it down to Roxby Fair …….”. She started laughing then and didn’t finish the poem. Are you aware of this poem, and if so, do you know any more?”

Image and information courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson, thanks to Mike Codling, Janet Wilson, Joan Johnson, Anne Codling, Anne Bland, Tricia Trickett and Mavis Gray for the updates.