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Folk Dancers

Margrove Park Pupils, country dancing in the playground. Under the watchful eye of the teacher. Can you help with names, and year. Kon Budkiewicz advises us: ”The boy on the right is Konstanty Budkiewicz. The boy on the left looks like John Boyes of Charltons.  Kon looks about 6 years old, so I guess the photograph was taken in 1952/3. Third child from the right is Marilyn Teasdale and I believe that the teacher was a Miss Stonehouse. I think that she married a short time later.” Anne Wilson tells us: ”The teacher is my mother, June Wilson (nee Stonehouse). She married in 1955 (Bill Wilson of Guisborough).”

Image courtesy of Howard Wilson; with thanks to Kon Budkiewicz for the update on names and probable dating of the image. Also many thanks to Anne Wilson for identifying the teacher.

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  • Bev Moss

    My Mum, June Davison went to Margrove Park school and Marilyn Teasdale is a relative. I can remember her talking about the country dancing,

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