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Loftus Senior School Class 4S – 1951

Mr Lee with his class in 1951.

Back row: ??, John Bulmer, Colin Beedle, Malcom Beedle, George Dowson, ??.

Middle row: George Locker, Neil Pressick, Maurice Wright, Keith Barrett, Ken Taylor, Stan Main, ??.

Front row: ??, ??, Janet Vasey, ??, Mr Norman Lee (Teacher), ??, Shirley Pressick, Edith Stevenson, ??.

Thanks to Marjorie Magor for the update (she admits he was her favourite teacher) and to Janey King  for pointing out to us that the board bears the date 1951! We are often confused. Elizabeth Dowson comments: “My dad is on the back row George Dowson (second from right). His mam was Ellanor Dowson from Easington. Please can anybody provide any imformation.”

Thanks to Malcolm Beedle for extra names can anyone fill in the blanks? Also to Elizabeth Dowson for the update (any information regarding George Dowson can be directed to the Archive, which will see it is forwarded on).

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