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Loftus County Modern School 1951

The second of two photographs sent to us by Sue Wesley-Emmerson of Form 2 1952 of Loftus County Modern pictured with their form teacher Mr Zac Stephenson; can anyone assist with names?

Back row: Harry Wildmore, Eric Tyreman, ??, ??, ??, John Hoggarth, Colin Ward, ??, ??, Terry (Skip) Boyes, Terence (Tex) Cowan, ??.

Second row: ??, Noreen Hyde, Robina (Bunty) Edwards, Maureen Pressick, Iris George, ??, Pat Henry, ??.

Front row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Betty Yeoman, Mr Zac Stephenson (Teacher), ??, ??, ? Ditchburn, ??, ??.

Image courtesy of Sue Wesley- Emmerson, thanks to Betty Want (nee Yeoman), Joan Jemson and Eric Johnson for name to date.

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