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Dial 999

This is the first of four photographs taken by Ted Morgan and loaned to us by Eric Johnson, I think that if an incident like this happened today the traffic would be stopped, not left to go by as though nothing unusual was happening.  By the look of the car, the smoking Mini, I think (but I know you people out there will correct me if I am wrong) the year would be  late 1950’s or early 1960’s.  Do you remember this accident? Derick Pearson advises: “The Minis however were not released until late 1959 so I would place this as early 1960s.” Kev Hamlinton agreed with this identification; whilst Bryan Richardson believes: ”The car with the damaged front could have been driven by Richard Aitken who I think lived in Wood View?”

Malcom Covell tells us: ”Richard, (and wife Kaye and Mother) Aitken lived at no 3 Wood View. We, Covell’s, lived at no 1. Wood View. The houses were built by Knaggs  in the mid 1960′s. I do have a recollection of Richard been involved in an accident on Loftus Bank and a car catching fire. Richard started a ready mix concrete franchise.” John Aitken adds further information: “I’m Richard Aitken’s son, and he did indeed have a near fatal accident there before I was born, maybe 1964? I was always told he ran into the back of a truck, but having checked with Mumsie and he did run into the back of a truck, but it kept going. That was his car, a Mini though rather than a Morris minor.
I remember running through the house at No.3 Wood View when it only had bare floorboards and made a lot of noise. I had was nearly 3 when we moved in so our’s must have been completed in 1968, perhaps April. Aunty Muriel in No1 and Aunty Brenda (Horness) in No.5. Neither were Aunties of course, everyone was called Aunty then.”

Image courtesy of Ted Morgan and thanks to Derick Pearson, Bryan Richardson, Kev Hamlinton, Malcolm Covell and John Aitken for the updates.

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