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The image shows Geoffrey College Steyert on the left and Ron Patton on the right. When first posted and we sought names, etc., as a result this image provided both email and comments regarding this post.

Norman Patton told us: ”I am concluding that this photograph was almost certain to have been taken on ”Re-badging Day”when presumably the Battery at Loftus and probably 631 Lt Regiment Royal Artillery was disbanded and the Loftus detachment of the 4th Bn Green Howards(V) was created.  This would have been about 1960 ish!  There would in that case be Light Artillery pieces,  troops in their several uniforms and probably the Regimental Silver on display.  Someone out there knows the full story and all we have to do is wait for their call?  It is a good picture,  Mr Steyert,  isn’t it?”

John Wright informed us: ”Geoffrey College Steyert is dressed in Royal Artillery number one dress Blues complete with RA stable belt. Ronnie Patton is in Battle Dress order which was in use until the early 60’s. Coronation Park (to use its correct name) was opened in 1937 along with Coronation Road to commemorate King George the 6th Coronation. The trophy in the front is  I think Boer War period 1899 to 1902 and the badge on the front looks to be that of the East Yorkshire Regiment. From the style of dress I should think this was taken in the 1950’s. My Dad Paddy Wright was BQMS of the Royal Artillery unit at the Drill Hall. The RA took over from the Green Howards after WW2; it was 631 Light Regiment Royal Artillery. In the late 50’s early 60’s the unit was disbanded and taken over by the Green Howards who moved to Guisborough, this is when my dad resigned. His cry was ”once a gunner always a gunner” and he would not join the Infantry. The drill hall then was used exclusively by the Army Cadets. The Garages and gun park were sold off to Loftus Club so they could expand.” Matthew Marsay commented: “I love this photograph of my grandad!”; whilst Julie Riddiough asked: “Wonder if we’re related my nana’s maiden name was Marsay.”

Image courtesy of Stephen Steyert, with many thanks to Norman Patton and John Wright for the full explanation; thanks to Matthew Marsay and Julie Riddiough for the updates.

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