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Help Needed!

I was very interested to see the recently photograph of officers of the 13th (Loftus) Battalion Home Guard and I seek the help of fellow Clevelanders to solve a family mystery.

Attached is my maternal uncle, Joseph White (born 3rd October 1900) in uniform at the wedding of his brother-in-law Clarence Brown on 25th March 1940 at Liverton Church. He appears to be wearing three medal ribbons. They could not be WWII ribbons as those were not issued until after 1940, but he was old enough to have served in the latter part of the 1914-18 war which would make him eligible for the British War Medal and Victory Medal. Indeed, it is conceivable that he might have been in France between 5th August 1914 and 31st December 1915, at which latter date he would have been 15 but there is always the possibility he lied about his age when volunteering or we have an incorrect birth date for him. If he was in France, then the third ribbon would be the 1914-18 Star.

I recall him being in the Home Guard as I went with my father, when on leave from the RAF, when he joined with Joe on rifle range practice at the foot of the shale heaps at Liverton Mines. The Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow could not find any records for Uncle Joe, however, The Home Guard Records held by the Ministry of Defence are apparently far from complete.

I seek help, asking if anyone has photographs, or lists of names, of the squaddies of the 13th (Loftus) Battalion Home Guard. With best wishes – R H Graham Suggett

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  • George Baxter

    Hi Graham,

    Try Rootschat –

    There are some helpfull people on there.

    regards George

  • Nivard Ovington

    Unfortunately the photo is to low a resolution to make out what those ribbons were, can you scan the original at 600dpi?

    Eligibility for WW1 medals

    1914 Star for those who served in France between 5th Aug 1914 & midnight 22nd Nov 1914

    1915 Star for those who served in a theatre of war against Germany between 5th Aug 1914 and the 31st Dec 1915 (who were not eligible for the 1914 Star)

    Any recipient of either star would also be eligible for the British War & Victory medals

    I would say its almost impossible for a man born Oct 1900 to gain the 1914 Star, the 1915 Star is a possible but unlikely IMHO, to many Joseph WHITEs in the medal rolls to even take a guess at

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