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Skinningrove Old Boys.

A lovely photograph of a different football team, we don’t have many of the names perhaps you can fill in the blanks. Back row:- Jonty Smith, ??, ??, Albert Alexander, ??, Les Webster, ??, Charlie Smith?, ??, ? Fothergill.

Front Row:- ? Hodge, ??, Tom ’pop’ Wilkinson, ? Bullimoor, ??, ??, Jack Woodrow, Bernard Hamilton, seated at the front Mickey Smith.

Colin Hart now tells us: ”Jack Woodrow was born in 1910 so date could be mid to late 1920′s and it looks like the front of Timms Coffee House”. He also advises: “The trophy on the left is the same one as on the Carlin How Rovers photograph and if you notice, 2 name shields on the Carlin How photograph and 3 name shields on the Skinningrove photograph, so must be two consecutive years.” Keith Harding added: “Back row, first left is definitely Jonty Smith.”

Image courtesy of Alan Pearson and thanks to Colin Hart and Keith Harding for the updates.

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