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Saltburn Chalets

The Archive asked: “Do you remember them like this?  About what date would this photograph have been taken? Tony Auffret suggested: “I remember my aunt having one of these chalets at the bottom of Hazel Grove. It must have been about 1962 or 1963. Don’t remember the double layer of chalets, but it was along time ago.” Callum Duff has come to our rescue: ”These Chalets were built as part of a job creation scheme for unemployed men during the depression. Looking at the Art Deco-type design of the upper chalet, it would suggest that they appeared in the 1930’s. buildings also constructed around this time included all structures from Hazelgrove to the west side of the Cliff Lift. These chalets were demolished in 1986, just before Saltburn’s 125th anniversary celebrations.”

Image courtesy of Julie Tyrka; many thanks to Tony Auffret and to Callum Duff for the updates.

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