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Saltburn 1937

Ah, Saltburn with a long pier, a little before my time ,but I do remember the long pier. Julie Riddiough updated us with: “The end was washed away with a storm in October 1974.”

Image courtesy of Julie Tyrka, thanks to Julie Riddiough for the update.

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  • Nigel Anderson

    Great memories of the pier in the late 1950’s when it was intact but a little worn! I used to fish at the end with my father and caught mackerel the size you could only dream of these days! problem was no freezer so on a good day used to go down our road in Emerald Street giving the fish away!
    Mum used to sit at the end dozing the afternoon away!
    In bad weather it was scary as the gaps between the walkway planks were big and the sea used to spray up between them! But I was very young!

  • John Poulter

    I remember this well too Nigel. We lived in Guisborough 1957-67 and a trip to Saltburn was a frequent day trip in the summer. I remember the pier being rickety, but like you thought nothing of it. I was a kid and was with my Dad, so danger never occurred to me.

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