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Junior Cup Final

This image from a printed postcard the Archive believe dates from the 1920’s (the only information on the reverse was ‘Juniors Football’); the Archive doesn’t know which year or any information about the teams.
Derick Pearson advised: ”This is Carlin How football field. The goal is the Kilton Lane end of the pitch and in the distance at the left end of the houses can be seen Lower Cragg Hall farm. To the left of that and higher can be seen Upper Cragg Hall farm buildings and house among the trees. Herbert Farndale owned this when we were youngsters. I believe one of the teams was a Skinningrove works team. I lived in that left hand house in the late 1940s and we could watch the matches over our garden fence. This was what was fondly known as Bells Huts and is behind what is now the Bullet and Bayonet on Kilton lane. The foundry now stands exactly where that row of houses was.”
The Archive also received from Angela Hamilton the following enquiry: “I am looking for a old friend called Nigel Farndale I hope you can point me in the right way thank you for your help.”
Image courtesy of A. Frank; thanks to Derick Pearson for the update and can anybody assist Angela Hamilton with her quest?

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