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Hummersea Farm

This image (from an A. C. Bruce postcard) featured in a Loftus Town Crier calendar with the commentary of: “Farm house and buildings at Hummersea. This farm is situated between North Terrace and the Coast Guard cottages. The farm was a place to rest for a lot of people who had climbed up from the beach.” The Archive asked: “Where were the coast guard’s cottages?  Does anybody recognise the two people in the doorway?”

Eric Johnson advised: “Of interest in the photograph, are the upstairs windows, they are of the ’Yorkshire’ sash type; in which as can be seen in three of them, the lower left hand panes open ”sideways” by sliding to the right. unlike normal sash windows with the upper panes sliding up and down. I think the coastguard cottages are now known as Warren Cottages towards the alum quarry.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Crier, many thanks to Eric Johnson for the update.

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