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Liverton Mines Chapel

The image was donated by Iris Knight (nee George) Her father (Tom George)was lay preacher at the chapel and just for good measure, he must at the time been the tallest man in the village at 6 feet 4 inches tall as Iris recalls. Sheila Alderson tells us: ”I remember the Sunday School at the back, we went through the door on the right hand side. Before I left England my name was written on the outside window ledge across from the ’Hollywell’ (Sheila and Paul); I wonder if its still there….lovely memories of my childhood ….” Mel Stevens (Wobblywotnotz) commented: “I now own the chapel at Liverton Mines and was thrilled to find a picture of how it looked when it was still in use.”

Image courtesy of Iris Knight (nee George) via Ray Brown, also thanks to Sheila Alderson for the update.

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  • Danny Plews .

    My golly gosh, this brings back very fond memories of my childhood.
    If you look to the left of the photograph, you will see the outline of the Choir Stall, which when we had a Special Sunday School Event was made into a platform for us children to perform.
    I can remember to this day singing a Solo, with Knocking Knees accompaniment (Mine).
    I also on a few occasions, assisted the Preacher by reading the Lesson or reading a poem from the Pulpit.
    Please could you give Iris Knight (Tom’s Daughter) my email address and ask her to get in touch with me?
    Finally, my Dad’s Funeral was held there (He was killed at a Industrial Accident at Carlin How Steel Works in the Boiler Shop). I now live in Wool, Dorset.

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