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Loftus County Modern School Band (1961)

Back row: David Willis, Geoff Todd, Dennis Bowers, Keith Morrison, Eric Trembath, Ian Pearson, Eric Jackson, David Morris, Ian Goodwill, Ian Legg, Richard Shippey, Graham George.

Middle row: Geoff Collinson, Brian Parker, Nev Rogerson,  Geoff Robinson, William Boal, Dave Craggs, Kenneth Wilkinson, Richard Oglesby, John Chipchase, Ray Brown, Alan Walker, Keith Steyert, John Dale, David Archer.

Front row: Roy Garrett, Richard Webster, Leslie Jackson, Mike Robinson, Mr. Drew, Arthur Stone (Band Leader), Mr. Norminton, Mr. Chipchase, Dave Magill, Keith Ferguson, Mike Morrison, Barry Winspear.

On the floor: Thomas Bradley, Barrie Yardy.

Image and names courtesy of Raymond Brown, Kenneth Wilkinson, Eric Willis and Eric Trembath.

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