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Sandsend and Lythe Bank

This view of Sandsend and Lythe bank is from a postcard, post marked with the date of 7th June, 1919. Perhaps from a holiday post World War I and all its horrors.

Image courtesy of Beryl Morris.

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  • Wonderful picture, Brings back wonderful memories when I was stationed at RAF Goldsborough , East Barnby in 1962 travelling daily with 5131 Bomb disposal sqn, To Fylingdale moors to clear the area from UXO to make it safe for the first build of RAF Fylingdales I thought that coast depicted was truly heaven, My wife and I visited three times a year , I was 20 yrs old now 79… Happy days thank you so much for putting this on site My name is Geoffrey Powell but changed my name from Pallett ..due to family reasons.. Wonderful Yorkshire I will never get it out of my mind Thank you;; Geoffrey Pallet ex SAC RAF Goldsborough…

  • Again Geoffrey Powell formally Pallett Ex RAF Goldx sborough ..Truly Heaven to have been posted Thank you all.. Geoffrey Powell..

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