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One Of The First Committee

A photograph of the Boatmen’s Committee as we now know; Colin Hart advised: “I have the same photograph and yes it is the Boatman’s Committee. On back row Alan Hart (my dad), Eric Hart (uncle) and Jack Shaw. Middle row is Bob Hart (grandad).”

Back row: George Tinkler, ’Do-Do’ Cox, Frank Tyreman, Alan Hart, Eric Hart, ??, Jack Shaw.

Middle row: Jack Ebbs, Mary Hart, Olive Howard, Vi Cox, Cyril Linford, Bob Hart, Eric Green.

Front row: Ted ‘Seaweed’ Breckon, Jack Tinkler, Ivy Tinkler, Bella Blaylock, Miriam Cox, John Elliott, Phyllis Green, Martha Padget.

Can anybody assist with the last missing names?

Image of the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Colin Hart, John Kennedy and Pat Major (nee Noble) for updates on names.

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