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Coming Home

Not easy work bringing in the lifeboat, now known to be the ”Fifi and Charles” life boat which was based at Redcar 1907-1931. Fred Brunskill tells us: ”The ‘Fifi and Charles’ was the last of the rowing lifeboats, towards the end of her service she was provided with the first of Redcar’s tractors to aid launching and recovery. A 35hp. Clayton tractor was delivered in readiness for the ‘Fife and Charles’s’ successor which was to be a heavier and motor driven lifeboat named the ‘Louisa Polden’.” Paul Gray tells us: ”Regarding the “Fifi and Charles”, having researched my family tree , have my great-grandfather hired out a team of horses to launch the lifeboat mentioned, would appreciate any pictures if anyone has them.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday and others, thanks to Derick Pearson, Fred Brunskill and Paul Gray for the updates.

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