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Bury Cup Final – 1948

Both teams are shown this time for the 1948 Bury Cup Final; with Fabrication (Fab) Plant versus the 36 Inch Mill at Carlin How Football Ground.  The Fab Plant won (they often did!).The teams were:

Back row: Sailor Southwick, M. Dixon, C. Danby, L. Hudson, ??, J. Legg, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Bob Goldby, Mike Conway, Nish Dye, ??, Alfred (Alf) Cook.

Front row: N. Hampton, Arthur Preston, P. Bentley, ??, C. Humble, George Last, ??, Mick Smith, ??, Dick Smithies, ??.

Neil Thaler asks: “I see from the photograph of the Bury Cup in 1948 there is a player called Sailor Southwick. He used to be a Whitby Town player before and after WWII. Does anyone have any information on him at all ?”

A big challenge this time – who are the missing players? Also can anybody assist Neil Thaler?

Image and information courtesy of Colin Hart; thanks to Colin Hart, Frank Graham, Graham Cook and Colin Cook  for updates on names.

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