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Guisborough Grammar School, April, 1956 – 2

This is the middle section of the school photograph.  The headmaster and staff are sitting on the second row.
Back row: Robert Trattles, Ray Tuttle, Bill May, Alf Smith, Gordon Hinds, Michael Dadd, Brian Winspear, Rodney Wood, Alan Cross, Keith Cargill, Ray Harrison, Trevor Teasdale, Richard Thompson, John ‘Pod’ Pearson, Ken ‘Gil’ Fawcett, Ken ‘Pleb’ Hodgson, John ‘Nat’ Barber.
Row four: Robert Padget, Clive Little, John Illsley, Fred Boyes, Owen Rooks, Rowland Robson, Geoffrey Fall, Andrew Suttcliffe, Michael Hugill, Malcolm Towers, Malcolm Sharpe, Colin Shaw, Alan Appleton, Philip Mortimer, George Calitis, Neil Walton, ??.
Row three: Winston Johnston, Mike Kehoe, Edmund Thompson, Reg Wilson, Howard Marshall, Graham Wood, Terry Bailey, Derek Taylor, Danny Wynne-Williams, Terry Weallans, Brian Lawson, Barry Austin, David Flower, Michael Midgley, John Wright.
Row two: Tom Maughan, Brian Camidge, Mr E. ‘Eddie’ Moreland, Mr P E. ‘Mickey’ Moore, Mr K. ‘Kenny’ Spedding, Mr W. P. ‘Lou or Luggy’ Cooper, Mr I. ‘Bodger’ Thomas, Mr R. J. ‘Shack’ Routh (Headmaster), Miss F. M. ‘Fanny’ Hood, Mr G. ‘Geoff or Fague’ Farrington, Mr J. ‘Jackie’ Sherrell, Mr H. O. ‘Oscar’ Arnott, Mr N. M. ‘Nobby’ Noble, Mr R. K. Ormandy.
Front row: Douglas Heatherington, Lee Easom, Barry Thompson, Frank George, John Gordon, John Espiner, Gordon Harding, Keith Norman, Michael Gladders, Trevor Leonard, Ian Hindmarsh, Andrew Barker.

Interesting updates and comments included: Peter Thompson with: “Teachers – R. K. Ormandy was known as ‘Sparky’. This came from his initials RKO which was the name of a US broadcaster and record label. Their trademark was a radio aerial/pylon with a huge spark shooting out of the top. Kenny Spedding could take a piece of chalk in each hand and simultaneously write his christian name with his left hand and his surname with his right. It was rumoured that ‘Bodger’ Thomas never bought ink for his fountain pen – he used to call in at the Post Office which still had nib pens and ink.(The school ink wasn’t good enough for his fountain pen.” and Nigel Anderson added: “A great picture of Headmaster R. J. Routh, a man I had utmost respect for and who helped me during a difficult time. Many thanks to him and fond memories.” Do you recognise anyone?

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards (from a school photograph: copyright – Pandora Ltd., London.), thanks to Carolyn Richards, Owen Rooks, Norman Patton, Jayne Kennedy, Ray Harrison, Paul Taylor, John Wright, John McLean, Rodney Wood, Geoff Bailey, David Hore, Ken Fawcett, Lee Easom, Peter Thompson, David Cammidge and Reg Wilson for updates.

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