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Hinderwell School, 1920

Carolyn Richards’ father Harry Grange, was 9 or 10 years old when this photograph of Group 3, Hinderwell Council School, was taken. He is standing on the back row, sixth from the left. On the third row, third from left is Winnie Grange (sister of Harry and Alan Grange). Alan Grange is the little boy with the white tie, fifth from the left, on the second row. John Cole advises: ”My gran (Mary Cole) is the girl middle of the picture dressed in black, left of the tall girl”. Annie Lowes tells us: ”Annie Lowes (the Station Master’s daughter) is the girl with ribbon in her hair, three girls from left of girl dressed in black. Her brother Robbie Lowes is also in the picture”.

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards and updates on names. Also thanks to John Cole and Annie Lowes for the updates.

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