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Maypole Dancing – 3

Our final offering with the Maypole dancers in 1981. Even the United buses were not allowed to disrupt the performance; turning round at the bottom of Grove Road! Marilyn Vodden advises: “I don’t know the names but I know my dad Charlie Vodden built the maypole out of a telegraph pole and I remember dancing round it” Only two pupils have been identified, centre front (blue jumper/shorts) Peter Hicks; whilst Tracey Sayers tells us: ”I think I’m in the brown coat and sandals, Tracey Money and my sister Diane is in the orange dress behind me. The teacher was Mrs Troughton.” Ann Jackson has added: “I remember Mrs Troughton she taught at Loftus (Rosecroft) school. We used to do May Pole dancing at Moorsholm school on May Queen pageant.” Andrea Foord has assisted with: “This photograph was taken at the May Day Maypole dancing in the Square in 1981. The children dancing were in the Nursery class with the teacher being Mrs Troughton. I am in the background holding my baby daughter Joanna; with my mother holding my eldest child Rebecca. The children would practice in the hall of the Nursery/ old school for weeks before and a May Queen would be chosen and crowned by a ‘dignitary’! I had taught the Infant class prior to Rebecca’s birth and later returned for 3 years as a part time teacher in 1983.”

Can anybody assist with other names?

Image and identified pupil courtesy of Kathleen Hicks and Tracey Sayers; thanks Andrea Foord for assistance with a date, also to Ann Jackson and Marilyn Vodden for the updates.

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  • Andrea Foord

    The gentleman sorting out the music is Brian Cowgill, deputy headteacher of Skinningrove Primary School at that time. He left to be Headteacher at Lingdale is round 1985 I think.

    • Paul

      Andrea, you wouldn’t happen to be an adept piano player at Lingdale around the same time? I was there 89 to around 94.

      I popped in to see Brian around 1999. I hope you and Brian are both well. I heard Mr Nelson passed, I used to see Mr Whittinghan around Redcar around the same time too.


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