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The Biott Family – Carlin How

A Picture postcard of the Biott Family in 1912; the girl in the picture is Constance Irene L. Biott; Charles  and  Annie Biott were her grandparents who raised her. Constance was  born in Carlin How in 1902. The 1911 Census records the family living at 4 Furnace Cottages, Carlin How. Annie Biott as aged 67 who had 7 children (5 living and 2 dead) and Charles Biott aged 65 (Fish merchant). The Biott family ran a Fish and Chip  business in a building adjacent to The Tivoli Theatre. Amazingly it survived unscathed when The Tivoli burned down! They must have achieved a measure of fame! Kathleen Kelly great-granddaughter of the Biotts tells us: ”My mothers mother was named Elizabeth Biott who married Bernard J. Lawrence from Middlesbrough. She died in 1916 She had a brother Charles Biott, As children we were told that her grandparents owned a fish and chip shop around where they say they lived in Carlin How and the Biotts were from around Skinningrove region . A daughter of Elizabeth was born around March 1904 and may have been baptised at St Helen’s church. Just curious to know if there are any Biott relatives that can expand on this”. Whilst June Riesberg tells the Archive: “Interesting to find a photograph of Constance Irene Lawrence Biott with grandparents, as we knew so little about her!”. Kathleen Kelly further advises: “Having another look through here, we were also very surprised to know our mother had another sister. After all the years had passed, we found this out after doing much searching. We had found a few Biotts who were doing ancestry, and we got in touch, but they suddenly stopped contact. If we had known years ago, we might have found we had a lot more relatives than we knew, but in those days a lot was kept secret. Constance was born 1902, married May 1922 and died December 1983.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre; thanks to Kathleen Kelly and June Riesberg for the updates.

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