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Pit Horses

The caption on this photograph was “Mine horses  out to graze during holidays near Claphow, North Skelton mine in the background.” Derick Pearson has advised: “This is at the high side of Clap How (Clapper) bridges; travelling from New Skelton to Lingdale involves passing under Clap How bridges. Turn left off the road immediately after the bridges and up a dirt track to where these fields are/were. On the left of the photograph you can see the farm house which is below the railway and the bridges. To the right is North Skelton mine as said in the original title; the underpass which goes under the railway lines is also visible. Martin Fox adds: “Looks like building in background could be what was called the Gas House. The Payne’s lived there; Ethel and George (my gran and grandad); Margaret (my mam), Doreen, Anne, Brian and Arthur (my aunts and uncles). There used to be a gas holder near to the house.”

Image courtesy of several sources, thanks to Derick Pearson and Martin Fox for the updates.

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