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North Skelton Mine

A photograph of North Skelton Mine, taken in the 1960’s before the closure of the mine.

Image courtesy of George Pearson.

2 comments to North Skelton Mine

  • Danny Plews

    I worked for a while down this mine, firstly being a Sprog Boy and then within the mine driving a loco pulling the filled wagons from in-bye and bring empty ones back.
    I was on a wage, but the minors were paid by the wagon load, I got 4d after the 24th tub. You really earned it!
    Health and safety went out of the window, because we had to earn a living!

    Wild horses would NOT drag me down there again!

  • Mike Elliott

    There seems to be lots of info available about North Skelton mine up to the point of closure and then nothing. I’ve been trying find out when the headgear was removed, the railway lifted, when the shafts were capped (or filled?) when were spoil heaps removed and where to? etc etc.

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