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The children had must have been told the photographer was coming and are eagerly waiting for their photograph to be taken. Streethouses was once a thriving community; large enough to warrant this primitive Methodist Chapel, which was opened in 1872. The cottages of Streethouses on the left of this image (and stood on a slight angle at the junction of the track from Easington and the Boulby road) have long since been demolished along with Arthur Fields, Micklow Cottages and Rockcliffe Cottages. Street Houses, Primitive Methodist Chapel (AD 1872) and the Primitive Methodist Chapel at Arlington Street Loftus (AD 1870) are unusual, they are both aligned north/south instead of east/west as other Christian churches are. This may be peculiar to Primitive Methodists (or a faulty compass). Eric Johnson tell us: ”I was baptised at Arlington Street and I don’t know the answer.”

Iain Warnes was born at Upton and christened in this chapel in 1939, his grandfather Walter Warnes, had a small farm at Upton. His great uncle Aaron Rolling had a smallholding at Hummersea next to Tommy Hart.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and others; supplementary information supplied by descendants of Tommy Hart.

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