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Parade In Carlin How

With Boy Scouts, a lot of people in fancy dress and the band posing for a picture postcard in Carlin How; we wondered when and on what occasion? Derick Pearson told us: ”Taken c.1919 from the upstairs in the Maynard Arms. Several things to note: the upstairs’ windows on the shops to the seventh window again. This time all the shops below to the right are all joined up and belong to the Skinningrove Amicable Industrial Society Limited Carlin How Branch. Porritt’s shop was also owned by the Amicable Society. The railings on the front fence of Front Street. They are now wide railed, straight up and down fencing. No zig zag rails in sight; this is odd as they were now back like they were when first built. The third shop from the left is still T. Webster’s; whilst the white mine chimney has now gone and finally the pavements are fully flagged too.”

Image courtesy of Beryl Morris; also thanks to Derick Pearson for the dating of this postcard.

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