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Carlin How Junior School (1952/53)

Geoff Harland says that he thinks the following list of names is right – but as he’s just recovering from a house move!

Back row: Alan Tebble, Ian Matthews, Freddie Simpson, Garry Simpson, Colin Myers, Terry Rawlings, Michael Moore, Mike Norris, Geoff Harland. Centre row (L to R): Dave Preston, Brian Young, David Maskell, Alan Lancaster, Geoff Tilburn, Tom Cockburn, Gordon Atkinson, Dave Willis, Ray Furness, Alan Pierson, Dave Berry.

Front row: Jennifer Smith, Maxine Foster, Kathleen Welford, Judy Roe?, Colin Grainger, Teresa Johnson, Judith Evans, Pam Collinson, ? Pearson.

Image courtesy of Geoff Harland; thanks to Brian Young for additional names and corrections, also Bob Doe, Judith Evans and Derick Pearson for the updates.

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