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Wood Street, Carlin How – Late 1890’s

Wood Street, Carlin How viewed from 1960s Welding Shop and 1990s Goodhall’s Timber Company site; now the new estate at the rear of Cliffe Avenue. Derick Pearson raised a question about :”Between this high roof house and the old Chimney, there is a Pit head gear. There was a pit shaft there that not many knew of but some said could it be the aerial rope-way for the tippler for the Buckets coming from Skinningrove mine?” John Pearson with information gleaned from the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum advised: “Loftus mines ironstone was transported up to Skinningrove Works from 1895 by connection into the abandoned workings of the North Loftus mine to avoid paying haulage charges to the N.E.R. By 1932 the North Loftus shaft steam winding equipment was thoroughly antiquated so the aerial ropeway was built to avoid using the shaft which was later filled in.”

Information and image from a cd produced by Derick Pearson in 1980s, thanks to John Pearson for the update.

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