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Loftus Fire Brigade

This old fire engine is beautiful, we are unsure as to what make it is possibly a Dennis or a Bedford; but it is also long enough ago for the firemen to be carrying the traditional short fire-axe and using wooden ladders.

Now – there are eleven people in the picture and only nine names shown – shame on the author for not knowing every name!  Who are they? and is this the same building as the present Fire Station? Names still to be filled-in include: E. Bannister, B. Warrell, P. White. Standing on running board of engine and believed to be the driver: Fred Gallilee.

Left to Right: E. J. Bannister , G. Wallace, Ivan Gallilee, Fire Officer Outhwaite, R. (Miff) Wood, Divisional Officer Winter, Fire Officer ? , Wilf Waite, John (Jack) Andrew.

Craig W. tells us: ”The fire engine is a Dennis probably a ‘Light Four’ model.” John Preston advised: “The driver is Fred Gallilee, Ivan Gallilee’s dad (and my step grandfather).” M. Flegg (nee Bannister) told the Archive: “Far left is my father E. J. Bannister.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Crier, thanks to John Preston for the information regarding Fred Gallilee, also M. Flegg and Craig W. for the updates.

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  • Danny Plews

    As anyone any idea as to the YEAR of this picture?

    I was in the Auxiliary Section in the late 1950s, prior to enlisting in the Royal Artillery in 1960.

    Mike Matthews (a Best Mate of mine) joined the regulars about this time.

  • Thomas Howard Campion

    Is Fred Galilee the elderly gentleman who lived in Guiborough in the 1990s?

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