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Carlin How Club Trip 1951

Pictured at the Eleanor Cross at Sledmere as part of the Club Trip in 1951.

Back row: ?? , ?? , Mrs Blaylock, ?? , May Blacklock, ?? , ?? , Cissy Whelham.

Fourth row: ??(peaked cap), ?? , ?? , Mrs Womack Snr, Peggy Womack (headscarf), ? Cole, ?? , ?? , Mr Blenkey, ?? (flat hat), Dick Tyreman.

Third row: Arthur Womack (flat hat), Mrs Hoggarth, ?? , ?? , Mrs Cole, Olive Cocks, ?? , Mrs Blenkey, Mrs Tyreman.

Second row: Mrs Peggs Snr (white bag in hand), Marion Peggs, Mrs Yarker, Alan Tyreman.

Front row: Keith Peggs, Jean Whelham, Jimmy Yarker, Miss Yarker, Ann Whelham, Isabel Tyreman, Ken Blenkey.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre (originally included in a cd produced by Derick Pearson), thanks to Derick Pearson for information and some names; also thanks to Norman Patton, Eric Johnson, Ashley, Derick and others for updates.

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