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Carlin How School (1925)

This young lady looks rather shy to me, can anybody name her? A previous editor placed the following: ”The school looks like a Poor Law School with strict segregation of boys and girls.  Was it a symmetrical building with an entrance at each end?  I bet you had to queue to go in,  boys at one door and girls at the other, the classrooms aren’t segregated today though. How times have changed.” We think the comments from both Andrew Downs: “I don’t think it was a poor law school though, and segregated entrances were extremely common in schools of this period, look at any Victorian school , and you’ll see such writing above the doors!” and Bill Kitching: “I attended Carlin How junior school in 1926, and we did have separate entrances. We lined up in the cloakroom and marched into the hall where there were white spots painted on the floor. Miss Richardson played the piano and we lined up on the spots It was a hungry time in those days and we always had some one fainting – usually a girl. It was not a Poor Law school. It was lit by gas and it was quite something when the teacher climbed on a desk to light the gas lights. It was a lovely school with top class teachers. I owe all my success to the school and wish it well in the future”, sum up the situation very well! We apologise for this incorrect impression.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre thanks to Andrew Downs and Bill Kitching for the updates.

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