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Lumley Street Loftus

Another early view of Loftus; the are of Loftus known to many of the older generation as ‘The Brickyard’; being close to the original brick production yard near the Mars Inn (originally Mars Farmhouse). The style of dress of the young lads lounging against the window of number 1, give and idea of the date.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

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  • The Brickyard was at the bottom of St Hildas Terrace, my Gran lived in 20 Hartington St where she died in 1973. As a youngster in the 1940s I spent a lot of time playing in and around that area. We lived in 4 Chapel Row before getting a council house at 1 Coronation Road in the late 40s. Gosh how all that makes me feel old but they were good times.

  • John Aitken

    I lived in number 3 Lumley st. from birth to 3 years old commencing in 1965. Our family was Richard and Kay Aitken (nee Wilkin) plus me, John. My Grandmother lived a few doors down I think, Constance Wilkin (nee Gott). I don’t recall a lot about the house, other than my parents removing the stained glass windows, and a fish pond out the back I dropped a radio in.

  • I remember Gott’s fish and chip shop well, it was opposite Lumley St. It was a wooden structure in my childhood days and eventually rebuilt at a site above the Empire, built of brick by then of course. The old wooden one was knocked down when the Deepdale estate was built.

  • John Aitken

    I never heard we had a fish and chip shop in the family, hurrah. I still don’t mind a fisherman’s basket, even here in Australia. Thanks.

  • Jen Trembath

    I lived in number 9, with my Mam, Dad and sister until 1973ish. We lived next door to the family that ran the chip shop – I have forgotten the name, but remember the gentleman who used to come prepare the potatoes in their back yard was called Mr.Binks! We had family in High Row and Hartington Street. I’m also feeling very old now!

  • Ian Thompson

    My Dad was born at 1 Lumley Street in 1922. I think they moved when he was 2 to South Yorkshire. His father was to work in the pits But at the time of the 1921 census he was a motor mechanic at J P Brown Motor Mechanic. His Uncles Charles, and Ralph, also worked there

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