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A Liverton Mines or Loftus Wedding?

This was the wedding of Louis McGuire and Ronnie Patton; however the location is still unsure, can anybody assist with both location and a date. The bride was Louis McGuire and the groom Ronnie Patton (Norman Patton’s aunt and uncle).  To the right of Ronnie is Betty McGuire (who was a Post Lady at Loftus for many years), to the left of Betty is ‘Tie Pin’ Ted Winspear!  Norman Patton advises :”The picture could be Loftus or Liverton Mines,  I guess?  The likely date is around mid 1940s?” Can anybody assist?

Image and details courtesy of Norman Patton.

2 comments to A Liverton Mines or Loftus Wedding?

  • Colin Hart

    Ronald Patton and Louisa M McGuire married 1946

  • Brian Espiner

    Betty McGuire worked for my dad, John Espiner, when I was little. I used to think it was very funny to say “Betty McGuire sat on a fire” to her. She was delightful, and I was in love with her at the age of about 4. She became, Betty Marshal, I think.

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