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Loftus County Modern School Band 1964

Christopher Colbeck kindly sent us this image relating to Loftus County Modern School, of the band in 1964. Chris has named most of the members, perhaps you can supply the rest?

Back row: Leslie Jackson (Bass),Michael Preston (Flugel horn), Howard Jackson (Cornet), Keith Morrison (Cornet), Geoff Todd (Cornet), Richard Shippey (Cornet), David Dixon (Cornet), Michael McMaster (Cornet), Gibson Brignall (Tenor Horn).

Front Row: John Hicks (Horn), David Smithies (Cornet), Jimmy? Smithies (Cornet), David Partlett (Cornet), Christopher Colbeck (Baritone), Mr Varney (Music Teacher), Alan Barker (Trombone), Mick Morrison (Trombone), George Smith (Trombone), Neville Rogerson (Bass), standing Trevor Mead (Bass), Peter Collinson (Euphonium). Chris says David and Jimmy Smithies were twins and hence the question marks!

Chris also tells us regarding Geoff Collinson: ”His Dad was the school care-taker and the family lived in the bungalow in the grounds of the school.” Ray Brown tells us: ”I didn’t know this picture existed as I had left school and the Band at this time, of course most of the lads are part of the Old School Band, so I recognise some of them.  I also believe the nickname for Mr. Varney was “Mantovani” – nowt so queer as kids!! – this picture pre dates the formation of  the Loftus Town Band that most of these scoundrels joined.” Barbara McBurney confirms Chris’s thoughts regarding Peter Collinson with: ” Peter is Geoff’s younger brother, their father Harry was indeed caretaker of Rosecroft School, living in the bungalow on the Rosecroft site.  Prior to this they lived on Rosedale Crescent close to where I lived on Queens Road.”

Image courtesy of Christopher Colbeck and many thanks for information, also Ray Brown and Barbara McBurney for additional names and comments.

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