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Newport Road Bridge

This St Alban’s Series postcard of Newport Bridge is possibly mid 20th Century, The bridge was opened by the Duke and Duchess of York (King George VI & Queen Elizabeth) on 28th of February 1934; part of a tour the Duke and Duchess made to the area, including a visit to Margrove Park (Heart Break Hiil) and Loftus. The bridge was last raised in November 1990. Mark T. tells us: ”The last lift is featured on ‘youtube’ .” However Russ Pigott informs us: ”This cannot be the last lift as there still looks to be a lot of wharves in what looks like the ironmasters district. These had long gone by the early 1990s.” This image of the bridge in a raised position is prior to this final lift as Russ advises.
Image courtesy of Kim Whaley and thanks to Mark T. for that information. Thanks also to Russ Pigott for the better definition of a
possible date.

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