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George and Dorothy Preston – 1951.

George Preston and Dorothy Light pictured in Coronation Park, Loftus 15th September 1952; after their wedding in the Congregational Church, Loftus. John Preston told the Archive: “George was born in Greatham, Hartlepool in 1907 and served for over 27 years in the Metropolitan Police (London) spanning the Second World War. After retiring from the Police, he eventually worked at the Blackett Hutton Foundry, Guisborough. Dorothy was born in Goathland in 1915, her father being killed in action in April 1918. During the Second World War Dorothy was a Leading Aircraft Woman with 402 Squadron Bomber Command. Dorothy’s mother married Fred Gallilee in 1944 and they lived in Coronation Road before moving to 41 West Road. Dorothy died in 1977 and George in 1984.”

Image and information courtesy of John Preston.

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